About us

About us

KAIZENCLOUD was born in 2016, the year in which the founder Gazzoli Mauro decided to condense in a software all the experiences gained in 15 years of management consulting to companies.

KAIZENCLOUD is an ERP developed to help companies manage and share all organizational and management areas related to human resources, equipment maintenance and measurement tools, problem solving management, documentation management.

Our development team is daily committed to developing updates and creating new features.

Our Strengths


Technology and speed

It allows you to create custom administration panels according to your specific needs, easy to use, complete, and functional for quick operation.


Transparency and effectiveness

The KAIZEN platform coordinates and designs transparently and efficiently all the requirements associated with a business for small, medium, or medium / large businesses

Gazzoli Mauro

Gazzoli Mauro

Chief Developer
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Fumagalli Gianluca

Chief Developer
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We have earned the trust of many customers, including these fine companies

  • Amás R.
    Entrepreneur & Marketing Specialist

    KaizenCloud helped us increase our conversion rate by 39% and it was super easy to set it up. If you would like to grow up your business then you surely need to try out Kaizencloud. Their support is also friendly and helpful.

  • Josh Gladwell
    Marketing Services & Membership

    We've seen significantly higher conversions with opt ins, scheduled calls, purchase rate. The list goes on. I wouldn't build it or a funnel without it ever again.

  • Adriano Caccia
    Project Manager & Startupper

    Adoro usare Kaizencloud perché è semplice ed efficace. È l'unico software che ti permette di vedere risultati immediati, quasi istantaneamente.

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