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What is KAIZENCLOUD for?

KAIZENCLOUD is an ERP that allows you to always keep the needs of your company under control through alerts and notifications. You can keep and record online the skills of the staff and all the maintenance operations you carry out on your work equipment.

The document filing system allows rapid sharing while maintaining traceability

Can I customize my license?

Yes, KAIZENCLOUD is an ERP developed with modules that can be selected and activated according to your needs.

What kind of deadlines can I manage through KAIZENCLOUD?

The DEADLINES module processes any type of expiration, based on the sector specificities and needs of the individual company.

You will be able to establish who to notify, the duration of the deadline and the date of notification.

How many users can use KAIZENCLOUD?

Every company has unlimited users available, for each of which it is possible to manage privileges in the use of the software.

Can my external consultant access or install the software?

KAIZENCLOUD is a web based ERP and accessible by any user at any time and place; in this way it is possible to share information and update the software together with the external consultant.

Are there maintenance costs?

No. KAIZENCLODUD can be used by paying an all-inclusive license fee which does not include any additional costs.

Are there limits in the storage space? What documents can I upload?

No. KAIZENCLOUD offers unlimited storage space; you can upload files in the most popular formats like pdf, word, excel, jpg, png, etc ..

What is the QR-CODE function for?

The QR-CODE function is associated with the MEASURING INSTRUMENTS and MAINTENANCE sections; when a tool is inserted, a unique QR-CODE is generated which can be printed and applied to the tool so that it can be accessed directly from a mobile device using the camera.

Is there an instruction manual?

Yes, inside the software you will find video instructions divided for each section you activated. The video instructions explain step by step how to use the KAIZENCLOUD functions.

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