Features that make the difference.

What makes a business management platform truly useful for working people and distinguishes it from others on the market? At KAIZENCLOUD, we believe in looking at the substance and offering functionality that is truly strategic to the day-to-day operations of a company or consultant.
Following this philosophy, we have structured our software as a true digital partner, capable of managing all the main activities of a small or medium-sized company with maximum efficiency.

It is no coincidence that we started with an effective and intuitive dashboard: in practice, a real command centre that provides an overview of the various activities and deadlines. Next, we made sure that all business functions are managed from a special section of the platform. So there are maintenance and human resources, but also problem solving, document management and various other functions, right up to auditing.


The DASHBOARD allows navigation and display of the data panel regarding all the software.

From the DASHBOARD it is possible to manage the insertion of users with the relative access credentials and privileges.

Through the calendar you can view all the deadlines and activities to be managed.


This section allows you to manage the inclusion of periodic deadlines.

In particular it allows:

  • Create custom periodic deadlines
  • Manage the documentation related to deadlines
  • create dedicated notification programs
  • display the "TO DO" list of deadlines to be managed
  • manage automatic notifications


KAIZENCLOUD provides a specific application for plant maintenance.

In particular it allows:

  • To elaborate cards of the equipment
  • Manage the documentation related to the equipment
  • Create plant maintenance programs
  • Display the "TO DO" list of scheduled maintenance activities
  • Manage automatic notifications
  • Insert maintenance directly from a mobile device using the QR-CODE

Human resources

KAIZENCLOUD provides a specific section for the management of human resources.

In particular it allows:

  • Process the employee data sheets by entering all the personal data
  • Manage training skills
  • Analyze staff skills
  • Create training programs
  • Manage the assignment and delivery of security devices
  • Manage notifications and communications to employees
  • Manage medical examinations and health surveillance

Measurement tools

The purpose of the solution is to support the management of instruments subject to metrological control according to the current regulations.

In particular it allows:

  • Processing instrument sheets
  • Manage the documentation related to the equipment
  • Create calibration programs
  • Display the "TO DO" list of the programmed calibration activities
  • Manage automatic notifications
  • Insert calibrations directly from a mobile device using the QR-CODE

Problem solving

KAIZENCLOUD provides a problem management module through 5D analysis.

Specifically they can be defined:

  • Description of the problem with detailed data entry
  • Definition of actions to contain the problem
  • Definition of the causes of the problem
  • Definition of corrective actions
  • Analysis of the outcomes related to problem management

Document management

The module designed for documentation management offers companies an easy way to manage all business content:

  • Technical documents: drawings, technical specifications
  • Quality / safety / environment documents: manuals, procedures, instructions.

The application provides all the tools needed to manage and share electronic documents, from revision control to content distribution.

Documents can be organized by combining metadata with each document, such as categories, validity date.

Finally, the approved documents are distributed and can be consulted simply and intuitively.

The application can manage the sending of automatic alerts related to document deadlines.


The PROJECTS management module is developed for all companies that need to develop projects / orders according to the criteria established by ISO 9001.

The main features are:

  • Creation of the project database with allocation of internal resources, budget definition, loading of offers and contracts
  • definition of the input requirements for the design
  • Management of planning through a gantt chart
  • Inclusion of work commitments with related costs and automatic calculation of project profitability
  • Management of documents and the related approval procedures


The solution aims to support the management of first and second part audits according to the current regulations.

It will be possible to create regulatory standards on which to base the audit activity.

The tool has the following features:

  • Standard creation
  • Creation of an audit database
  • Automatic generation of the audit plan with sharing via internal mail server
  • Management of audit reports with the possibility of uploading attachments or photo
  • Creation of the final audit report with the general and detailed compliance statistics


The section ensures that you can easily and securely manage the requirements of Regulation 2016/679 about sending data processing notices to customers and suppliers.

The tool has the following functionalities:

  • generation of the register of processing operations
  • appointment of internal and external data controllers
  • sending notices to customers and suppliers with automated management of processing consents


Application developed specifically for companies that provide professional training courses.

It will be possible to create course catalogues, qualify teachers and manage the planning of the training to be provided.

The tool has the following functions:

  • creation of a course catalogue
  • creation of teachers' list and management of qualifications
  • planning of training courses
  • automatic generation of learning tests, satisfaction questionnaires and participation certificates
  • Customisation of certificate templates
  • With the help of the internal mailing application it is possible to send certificates of courses directly to the customer.


The solution aims to support the management of consultancy activities carried out by companies in the service sector.

The functionalities make it possible to manage consultancy contracts and plan the related activities to be carried out for the client.

The tool has the following functionalities:

  • creation of a consultancy contract
  • keeping contracts under review
  • planning of the consulting days to be carried out
  • recording of interventions carried out and generation of reports that can be sent to the customer in pdf format using the internal mailing application
  • statistical analysis of work commitments and related costs