The New Platform for Managing Your Business Activities

What is kaizencloud?

For small, medium and large businesses, KAIZENCLOUD is the ideal solution for simplifying and effectively coordinating business management. The simple and intuitive interface lets you organize your recordings instantly. The interactive notifications system will keep you up to date on all scheduled schedules.


Your business in your pocket

Access your corporate resources wherever you are

User Friendly

Intuitive functions, modern design and access to any device

100% cloud

Paper records in the cloud, always available via web

Multi user

Do you have employees or partners? Allow it to work on your account with the limitations you decide

The Services of Kaizencloud

  • Dashboard


    The DASHBOARD allows navigation and display of the data panel regarding all the software.

  • Deadlines


    Schedule and manage any type of deadline. Customize notifications and stay up to date.

  • Servicing


    Record and supervise routine maintenance of plants, equipment and machinery.

  • Human Resources

    Human resources

    Human Resources

  • Measurement Tool

    Measurement tools

    Manage your employees, schedule and monitor their training and medical visits. Manage internal communications easily.

  • Problem Solving

    Problem solving

    Manage problems, define causes, treatment and corrective actions. Analyze non-quality cost statistics

  • Document Management

    Document management

    Manage the calibration status of the measuring instruments used to control your processes

  • Project


    Control the phases of your projects, define the budget, manage resources and work commitments. Statistics will help you to know the operating margins for every project at any time.

  • Audit


    Manage audit plans, notifications, regulatory standards, audit reports from a single platform

  • Legal requirements

    Legal requirements

    This section is designed to monitor and manage the legal requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

  • Privacy


    The section ensures that you can easily and securely manage the requirements of Regulation 2016/679 about sending data processing notices to customers and suppliers.

  • Academy


    Create your courses inventory, qualify teachers and plan the training courses. Courses and documentation management becomes simple and intuitive.

  • Consultancy


    Manage periodic consulting contracts with customers without any problems Plan and supervise the consulting activities provided.

Are you a consultant?

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We have earned the trust of many customers, including these fine companies

  • Amás R.
    Entrepreneur & Marketing Specialist

    KaizenCloud helped us increase our conversion rate by 39% and it was super easy to set it up. If you would like to grow up your business then you surely need to try out Kaizencloud. Their support is also friendly and helpful.

  • Josh Gladwell
    Marketing Services & Membership

    We've seen significantly higher conversions with opt ins, scheduled calls, purchase rate. The list goes on. I wouldn't build it or a funnel without it ever again.

  • Adriano Caccia
    Project Manager & Startupper

    Adoro usare Kaizencloud perché è semplice ed efficace. È l'unico software che ti permette di vedere risultati immediati, quasi istantaneamente.

The Philosophy

“KAIZEN (改善) represents the ensemble of two Japanese terms, KAI (change, improvement) and ZEN (good, better), and means to change for the better; continuous improvement”.

Years of experience in business consulting based on “lean thinking” and aimed at improving management and production processes have led us to develop a user friendly platform that could overcome the most common management problems in small and medium-sized businesses.

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